Frill Seeker

by The Lizards

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Frill seeker is the debut album released by the Lizards, following up their debut release, Pure Filth EP. It features 14 original songs in their own brand of fast punk rock.


released February 1, 2013

Pat- Guitar/Vox
Stubs- Bass/Vox
Marty- Drums Vox



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The Lizards Adelaide, Australia

The Lizards are a 3 piece punk rock band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. These boys have spent the last 5 years gigging/jamming/partying as much as humanly possible and its starting pay off with the band turning into the tight melodic yet hard and thrashing band they are today. They released their debut album in 2013 and have just released their follow up album Future Life ... more

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Track Name: Fizz Guts
What your gona find out
Im not gona lie about
something important about me
Fizz guts is what is up
you better fill me up
and tip it in my guts and leave

Im on my way, yeah
its my destiny, yeah

I felt a little thirsty
its not to early
for a little treat for me
Ive got lots of options
im open for opinion
theres bubbles in a million
let me leave
Track Name: Spirits
Bad times yesterday can take a hike
keep a high spirit in what you like
its all in head a bad thought you know is gone
Take a step back and let it drift
and suddenly you'll find that lifes a gift
what you want and what you need is there today

memorys, set them free
you better be, ready for me

things dont always go your way
I dont really care what you say
you better remember that what I do is here to stay
I walked outside, saw today
took a deep breathe got blown away
saw a lizard walk on by you cant drag him down

memorys, set them free
you better be, ready for me
now your free, hows it gona be
what will you see, youll find the key
Track Name: Nippy George
The waters getting colder but we still wanna swim
The babes aren't out today lets party anyway
Refresh my mind
cleans my soul
salt all around
its the only way to go

When will Nippy George be showing his face again

Living in the south, southern hemispher
Its cold down here but dont you shed a tear
summers moved on, colder months ahead
its not that hey hey is that you ted
Is that you ted

When will Nippy George be showing his face again
Track Name: Brad Gerlach
Hes the man, Lets get radical

Good times are on the cards today
Brad Gerlach Knows its the only way
we're walking and we're talking
going to the extreme
we're blowin' our minds
we're flat out keen

He's man, Lets get radical

how you choose to fill your day
ignore the rules or on the ground is where you'll stay
you've got the chance to get some air
you've got the flair, lets go tear
Track Name: Patty And Martys BBQ
Patty Martys BBQ
Sunshine Avenue
Just for me and you
Just sit back and get on track
Patty will feed you
And Marty wont lack

Just for everyone
You and everyone
We love everyone
see ya there, YEAH YEAH

Stubs just rocked up
Ive been at work
He's so happy check out his smerk YUM YUM
The day is ending
We are bending
We're falling down
with a reverse frown, awesome
Track Name: Skateboard Song
Seek and destroy
Skate and Destroy
Track Name: Panel Van Party
Panel van party is what we like to do
We drive up park up and crack another brew
Its the places that we hang, the people that we see
we love to have fun,it means so much to me

Get in the panel van
We got the master plan

We're sitting on four wheels
Four wheels of love
Its a panel van party
Lets release the dove

Theres room for everyone
10 crew in the back
suspension riding low
Its the way that we go
We jump out the back
Take it to the street
Feel the head bang glory
We're people you should meet
Drive up
Park up
Drink up
Track Name: Don't Pick On Luke B
Dont pick on Luke B
You who I am
You Know what I do
You know who I am
Yes you do
Don't pick on Luke B
Track Name: Wavelength
How fast can you think what is reaction time
Blink your eye just once you can find yourself distance

Don't be scared to admit You really do need to commit
you think you're true blue but life aint waiting for you

What is your wavelength

its a real good time to let it slide away
Is this really gona be all you have to say
You know the score you hows things autta be
get of the ground turn,it around officially

What is your wave length
Track Name: Eternal Lizard Freedom
Its the start of the weekend the lizards have arrived, cut sick
we feel like a perty we're heading out tonight, cut sick
doesnt really matter how old you are, cut sick
grom teen or middle age or sick as grandpa, cut sick

Lizards have rejoiced good times collide, go big
lets do some sommersaults and piggy back rides, go big
lets go to the beach it looks like low tide, go big
eternal lizard freedom has just arrived, go big

who wants to party
we want to party
they want to party
so do you

Party down
dont you frown
come join us
lets get in dales bus
Track Name: Our Town
Adelaide is our home town
Dont visit us if your gona frown
Just stay away and do whats right
Your welcome if you rate our life

Our town woh woh
Our town woh

Just keep away from what you hate
All the miserey that comes our way
We love our town thats what we do
If your home is great we'll be there too
Track Name: Desert Fever
We've been in the desert
For far to long
We love it out here
But we got the feeling that somethings wrong

We got desert fever
We got no beaver

We're stuck in the dust
But this trips a must
Hell waves we lust
We're paying the ultimate price, LETS RIP

Stuck in seclusion
its got peaceful solitude
Mind plays tricks on me
we need some female company
Track Name: Livin' The Dream
Theres fun to be had
The lizards gona find it
We got ants in our pants
Lets get out there and have a dance

I cant stop livin the dream
Wont stop livin the dream
Why stop livin the dream
We'll keep on living this dream

Not gona settle, for sitting at home
Get onto my mates on the phone
lets get out there and have some fun
Our lives have only just begun
Track Name: Lizards On Sunshine
Sunshine avenue
Time to break free
Wont forget the good times
We grew like family
It taught us a lesson
One we wont forget
These four walls were nothing
Without unique pride

We said goodbye
You made us great

Joine the passion lizards
Scaley and pure
Join the passion lizards
Seek and destroy