Future Life

by The Lizards

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The Lizards 3rd release, following up their EP PURE FILTH, and their debut album FRILL SEEKER.


released January 14, 2015



all rights reserved


The Lizards Adelaide, Australia

The Lizards are a 3 piece punk rock band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. These boys have spent the last 5 years gigging/jamming/partying as much as humanly possible and its starting pay off with the band turning into the tight melodic yet hard and thrashing band they are today. They released their debut album in 2013 and have just released their follow up album Future Life ... more

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Track Name: The Raging Bull
Shoot for the sky never look back
The look in your eye back hand attack
One thing’s for sure I’ll steer clear of the mold
The moment is here the moment take hold

One moment has gone, another to come, stall
The Raging Bull

Born with reality keep it in mind
Everyone is flowing in time they will find
What you are searching for to make you complete
It’s as simple as the dirt beneath my feet
Track Name: Future Life
I’m inside, wasting away
I look to, the screen sucked inside

Turn on the light
This sun is not bright
Dull is the colour
Grey is my mind

I’m drinking, sugar all day
My mind will, will rot away

What have we done, we havn’t one
Where are we going, must stay fit to survive
I’m growing unimunned
We’re growing unimunned
I’m growing unimmuned

Let me, play in the dirt
Let me, bathe in the sea
Don’t pump me, Pump full of waste
I’m better, better today
Track Name: The Fat Controller
I’m not too comfortable to know
To sit back and let myself in tow
There’s someone telling you
There’s someone making up your mind for you

What are you gonna do
Stand up and speak your mind
Who are you gonna believe
The fat controller

Who are you gonna support today
In consumer’s paradise we play
Your neighbour is your friend
A multi corporation will just pretend
And leaves the individual stranded

Left in the cold
What is behold
What goes around comes around
Believe me this is true
Track Name: Rely
I want to, show the world who I am now
Respect myself today
What will I find
I can’t help but dream on tonight
I’m looking at the sky and I feel sick
Sick of feeling like I
Don’t know who I am or where I am

Please rely on me
Please confide in me

I gave myself another chance to find joy
In things I like about me
Rest assured there’s no turning back from here
I’m walking, walking with a smile to give to
The world outside and to a
Friend I’ll always be there as you were for me

I’m asking, I’m asking a friend
To come out, to come out of me
I’ve just learnt, I’ve learnt self respect
I won’t close, I won’t leave you alone again
Track Name: Missed The Point
I sat around and watched the day go
I lost myself and what I know
The sky was blue the birds seem happy
But I didn’t care, I shut it of

I gotta lesson learnt today
I gotta reason to live today
But yesterday
I totally missed the point
Missed the point
Missed the point

Plain forgot to wake up today
Walked around like living dead
Should’ve just slapped myself out
There’s still life for me, there is no doubt
Track Name: Rolling With The Punches
Everybody knows that boredom just blows
Give yourself something, a goodtime just outside,
Of where you’re thinking
I’m flying through the air, today I don’t care, a small bump in the road
Just increased the load
That’s alright
That’s just life, so I’m

Rolling with the punches, today

Moving with the motion with the wind and sea
The motion of life, is rolling with me
That’s today
Just yesterday everything just clashed
Nothing went my way, my human just felt thrashed
Hey it happens
Just roll with it
There’s good to come, so I’m

Rolling with the punches, today

That’s alright
At least I’m here
It’s become so clear
Track Name: Gongbeater
Diddle daddle round the point
Next thing known you’ve missed the point
I’m climbing up higher but still sitting still
Leaves me cold and empty there’s dreams to fulfil

Don’t want to be a Gongbeater
Got no time to be a repeater
Won’t wander around waiting for my ride
What will I do,
It’s calling my name its keeping me tame

Walk in line procrastinate
I hate that line discriminate
Focus on the task at hand there’s skills to be learnt
I can’t sleep at night cause there’s energy not burnt
Woooohh Gongbeater
Track Name: Don't Fear The Banshee
I think I lost some brain today
I can’t remember what to say
I’m trying really hard right now
To pull together what my mind
Won’t allow

Vacant spaces is all I see
I think you will agree with me
Vacant spaces is all I see
It’s ok but where is the Banshee, the Banshee

I’m laughing at myself today
I’m stoked I’m not an ashtray
My minds a cloud hazy and grey
I’ll pull this day together and I’ll be
On my way
Track Name: Gangrenous
I see that ugly part
Lurking in your brain
But you will leave it still
And turn into gangrene
You treat it just the same as an arm or an eye
You grab your hat and say that’s that
And get on with your life


I have got some darkness
But it’s not screwed in
I can try to rectify
That part where it begins
Being partly brain dead
Is one of my worst fears
Don’t be a fool it’s curable
Don’t waste all of your years
Track Name: Stone In The Road
Is it good enough for you to speak to leave on
Or do I owe you a proper explanation
I’m living just enough ill keep my progress in this moving
I’ve said it once I’ll say it twice it won’t coincide,
As constant as the tide

It’s just a stone in the road
It’s just a jump unfold
It’s just a gap I’m told
To get where you are going

I don’t want to be a part of something that isn’t honest to me
It’s not that hard to speak and act the truth
I’ve seen it time and time again you can’t fake credibility
Just let what’s real, come out and be better for it
For what needs to be

I’ve found a place a dream come true
Can walk the walk and speak no word of a lie
Enter this world if you dare, I'll see you when you’re ready
For pure functionality